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How do I improve my crew? – Star Trek Timelines

Join us tomorrow Friday March 25th for a special Disruptor Stream featuring Star Trek Timelines Game Designer Michael Woods and Product Manager Alex Engel as the two discuss new crew, game design changes in 1.0.6, and answer your answers live during the show. Captain’s Guides: Your Star Trek Timelines Hint Book Can we please have more crew slots! — Disruptor Beam Forums STAR TREK JUNKIES. 38 ... I wish that crew at level 1 with one star only would not hold up crew slots. Only when one starts to level them should they count. ... It's a pretty good game, this Star Trek Timelines. And yes often, it does, make me smile. But if 'twere up to me, what I'd sure like to see. Is to have enough slots for a while. Let’s talk about crew slots! — Disruptor Beam Forums Did you know that we now have over 700 different characters in STAR TREK TIMELINES? That felt like a good occasion to grant 5 additional crew slots to all Captains, so we went ahead and did just that! This brings the base total to 85. Were you waiting on a good opportunity to give your crew more room? Now is the time with our crew slots sale!

This is often necessary in order to be able to equip your crew members, as they usually need specific items from their faction.

Starship Battles are a form of mission in Star Trek Timelines. ... Placing a crew member into a ship's battle station slot and activating its boost will add this ... Star Trek Timelines You don't have to pay money to enjoy ...

star trek timelines android hack. Captain's log, supplemental.: we are en route to investigate an anomaly in the Quirinus system.The Romulans have engaged you in combat! Have your crew members take unique actions to defeat them.Each action is unique, with its own stats and special...

Star Trek Timelines is a mobile game set in the Star Trek universe. ... Your ship can house up to a maximum of 180 crew members that is if you unlocked slots with ... How do I improve my crew? – Star Trek Timelines There are three main ways to improve your crew--which will prepare them to succeed at increasingly difficulty tasks: Increase their... Star Trek Timelines -Tip #3 Crew Management (Uncommon ... With a limited amount of crew space it is important to ... Star Trek Timelines -Tip #3 Crew Management (Uncommon & Common) for Cadet Challenges ... Star Trek Timelines - Home | Facebook Star Trek Timelines. 120K likes. Available Now on the App Store, Google Play, Facebook and coming soon to Steam! Based on Star Trek TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY,...

Star Trek Timelines :: Let’s talk about crew slots!

The Defiant-class starship, officially an escort vessel, began development in 2366 as a small, highly powered, heavily armed warship intended to defend the United Federation of Planets against the Borg.