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Warframe Platinum Promo Code 2019 Password As a free-to-play game, the game developers are cashing in on selling platinum. You can spend a lot of money trying to get enough platinum for the game. If you do not want to spend much on this currency, you can use discount codes or a generator that will add you platinum to your game account. Warframe Platinum Code Generator WARFRAME: SPENDING YOUR PLATINUM - INN There’s no reliable way to get additional slots without paying, either. (You can technically get an additional slot whenever you earn a special item from a limited-time event, but you would need to sell the special, irreplaceable item to free up the slot in order to use it.) More slots is one of the best ways to spend your free initial platinum. Warframe Starter Guide | AxHx Warframe Starter Guide Warframe is a game with an amazing amount of content, but very few indications of what to do. It is very much a "wiki game", as in needing to frequently visit a wiki to find out what you need to accomplish certain goals.

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Can I buy warframes without platinum? - Warframe Message ... You can't "buy" them, but you can build them. You'll have to buy the blueprint from the market with credits, then go farm for the parts for the blueprint (helmet, chassis, and and systems) from the specific boss that drops them then build those parts. After 12 hours you can build the actualy warframe, which takes 72 hours. How do I earn platinum without buying it with real money ...

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How to earn or get platinum in Warframe (I am a beginner ... Other than spending real money, you can get platinum through trade, winning contests, ... Platinum-only things (extra Weapon and Warframe slots), ...

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What should I spend Platinum on in Warframe? - Quora I would highly recommend that you spend your platinum on things such as weapon and warframe slots. Though if you do have a bit of saved up platinum you could make an investment by using platinum to purchase sets of primed warframes and weapons from the player market before they are vaulted. Warframe Platinum Giveaway - get your favorite Platinum for ... Tbh this is a gud way to get platinum if you're just lazy and don't wanna farm. ... im gonna use for warframe slots for more space,hope its good ... Facebook or ... Warframe Beginner's Guide: Platinum, Credits & Resources ... When you first start playing, you’ll only have 2 Warframe slots meaning you can only have two Warframes at a time. You can purchase an additional Warframe slot for 20 Platinum. Likewise, you are also limited on your weapon slots so you can purchase additional slots for Platinum as well. You should wait on doing this until it is necessary, though.